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DaVinci Emily Convertible Baby Crib

Convertible Baby Crib

The Emily Convertible Coffee Baby Crib, is the first convertible crib collection from DaVinci Furniture. It provides a cost effective solution to your child’s sleeping needs from infancy to adolescence.

DaVinci Furniture is a fifteen year old company with a reputation for quality baby furniture and listening to their customers. The Emily convertible coffee baby crib was designed from the features customers told the company were the most important; safety, functionality and flexibility in a design that can handle a child’s sleeping needs at different stages of their development at a reasonable price.

The Emily crib will complement your baby nursery with its classic styling and solid pine wood construction, which meets and exceeds all US safety standards. An outstanding feature of the Emily crib is the static side with no moving parts, providing effortless access to your baby.

The adjustable, four level mattress spring system enables the Emily crib to be converted into daybed when your baby becomes a toddler and later into full size bed, suitable for adolescents. The crib includes a toddler bed/day bed conversion rail fitted with a toddler safety bar to prevent injuries caused by rolling out of bed, a full size headboard and footboard.

Baby Crib

Friday, October 27, 2006

Baby Crib

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Baby Crib

Baby crib

The Perfect Baby Crib to Furnish Your Baby’s World
When expectant parents start planning their home to welcome their new baby, finding the perfect baby furniture tops the list, when preparing the nursery. In most cases, parents start by selecting the baby crib, for this is where their child will begin to learn about their world.

How Baby Nursery Furniture Has Changed
In the past, a cradle was the first piece of baby furniture, usually handmade by the father or grandfather of the child. As the baby grew, other beds were made according to the size of the child. Today, a handmade piece of baby furniture is usually a unique baby gift.

You will find baby cribs made from a variety of materials, in different shapes and styles. When you begin looking at baby cribs, make sure that the slats are set close together to prevent your baby’s arms or legs being caught in them. Look for a baby crib that has a heavy gauge steel frame with bolted rails to securely hold the baby crib mattress and box support. Baby cribs that offer four way, double safety locks are the best, because they prevent the side of the crib from dropping unexpectedly, which can cause injury to your baby. You will see many baby cribs, changing and activity tables constructed with decorative posts, cutout designs or projections that may look pretty, but are not safe for your child.

Decorating the Baby Nursery
Once the baby crib is selected, the other essential piece of baby nursery furniture is the changing table. And remember, it is just as important for you to be comfortable in the baby nursery. You will be spending many hours there with your baby, so a comfortable chair and a good reading lamp are required. Whether you prefer an overstuffed Foster chair or a comfortable wooden rocking chair, choose this piece of baby furniture just as carefully.

The colors, patterns and shapes in the baby nursery touch every aspect of your baby’s development, from baby bedding to baby furniture. You have your choice of feminine, masculine or neutral color palettes to create a beautiful baby nursery. As you make your selections of baby nursery furniture, it is important that all the materials used in the baby furniture be certified non-toxic and manufactured according to established safety standards.

Building Peace of Mind into Baby Nursery Design
One of the most useful and unique baby gifts available today is the baby nursery monitor. Even when you have the safest baby crib, you cannot be with your baby every single minute. The baby monitor lets you hear when your baby needs your immediate attention.

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Baby crib

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baby Crib

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